Brent Spence Bridge


What's behind that tarp on the Brent Spence Bridge?

Posted at 2:08 PM, May 14, 2021

No, the circus is not in town. But you might have noticed a large tent blanketing the Brent Spence Bridge during your drive over the river.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet tweeted a video Friday explaining the need for the tent as the bridge undergoes a hefty makeover.

KYTC's Cory Wilson said the tarps have been placed in areas currently being worked on across the bridge. As crews chip away and clean old paint in preparation for a the new paint job, pieces of debris could fall, posing a risk for drivers and the river below. Wilson said the tarp keeps drivers and the 50+ workers safe during the improvement period for the bridge.

After workers strip the existing paint down to bare metal, it will take about 35,000 gallons of paint to cover the entire bridge. The bridge was last painted in 1991.

As an added layer of protection for workers, the KYTC has added double fines signs leading up to the bridge, as well as speed trackers to encourage drivers to slow down.