Ohio lawmakers may be ready to repeal 'pink tax'

Posted at 11:12 PM, Oct 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-11 23:18:32-04

CINCINNATI — Ohio is one step closer to eliminating the “pink tax.” That’s the term commonly used for sales tax on tampons and pads - products used exclusively by women.

It’s estimated women in the Ohio pay $4 million per year in taxes on tampons and pads. Now some state lawmakers are joining women around the state who say because they are medically necessary, that shouldn’t be the case.

“It’s something that’s required,” said Sarah Heitkemper of Cincinnati. “It’s something for me and many other women, all women. It’s necessary, so it shouldn’t be taxed."

Darlene Edens of Cincinnati argued, “You only use them once and you throw them away. It’s not like dishes that you are going use day after day after day. Why tax them?”

“It’s outrageous,” Heitkemper added.

But that could change.

On Thursday, the Ohio House passed Senate Bill 26. It’s intended to provide a tax credit for teachers buying school supplies, but folded into it is language to repeal sales tax on feminine hygiene products.

Rep. Brigid Kelly of Cincinnati sponsored the provision. In a statement Kelly said, ”We are making medically necessary products more accessible to women and girls in our state.”

Fifteen other states have already passed similar laws.

The bill goes to the Ohio Senate, and If it reaches approval there, it’ll go to the governor’s office to be signed.