ODH: 43 percent of 12-17 year-olds have at least one COVID-19 shot

No hospitalizations reported among same age group
Posted at 1:03 PM, Oct 26, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Around 43 percent of Ohio children ages 12-to-17 have had at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot, according to Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff.

The number was part of an update on COVID-19 vaccinations for kids during his press conference on Monday. He talked about the importance of vaccinations and the latest data before discussing ODH's new quarantine recommendations.

"It remains very clear the COVID-19 vaccines continue to provide the best protection from the virus - even for our youth," Vanderhoff said in a video conference call.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Vanderhoff said 382,000 kids age 12-17 have started the process of getting their COVID-19 vaccine.

"I remain cautiously optimistic that we will see cases decline," Vanderhoff said. "But it must be tempered with the fact that cases are still very high, even among our children."

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Vanderhoff said in September, an average of 64 people a day died in the state from COVID-19. He said this should renew the push for people to get vaccinated, especially as the pandemic plays out and the chance of more variants and mutations become possibilities.

"The more we get ahead of it, the less chance it has to produce variants," Vanderhoff said.