Family scrambled to escape Thursday tornado

Posted at 12:06 AM, Jun 24, 2016

CLINTON COUNTY, Ohio — The Tri-State’s only tornado, an EF-0, hit near Wilmington early Thursday morning, and one man had only moments to get his family to safety.

Brent Reed, who lives on McGuinn Road, surveyed the damage to his property Thursday evening: the tornado had blown his garage door inward, torn the siding from part of his house and destroyed his barn.

Reed, his wife and their three children only narrowly escaped being caught up in the storm.

“I thought we would have 30 minutes or so to get prepared,” he said. “Well, it was here in about 10 minutes.”

The family took shelter in a car and covered themselves with pillows and blankets as the garage shook around them.

“It came on very quick and it was gone very quick,” he said.

Reed said that although his home was damaged, he is grateful that no-one was hurt.

On Thursday night, most of the homeowners on Reed’s street were waiting for insurance companies to come look at the damage to their homes.