DeWine announces more formula size options coming to WIC program

8 size options will be available starting June 13
Posted at 6:42 PM, Jun 06, 2022

CINCINNATI — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced changes to the Women, Infants, and Children program to give families more flexibility to access baby formula. The USDA approved Ohio’s request for additional waivers to add more size options.

“Beginning a week from today, next Monday, the WIC program will be adding Enfamil products to the eligible list, eight different products will be added,” DeWine said.

Products that will be covered starting June 13:

  • Enfamil Infant Powder 29.4oz
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Powder 28.3oz
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Powder Box 31.4 oz
  • Enfamil Gentlease Powder 27.7oz
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Powder 27.4 oz
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Powder Box 30.4 oz
  • Enfamil AR Powder Box 30.4 oz
  • Enfamil Prosobee Powder 20.9oz

The governor is also asking the USDA to waive certain medical documents so families can buy other brands of prescription formula and is working with providers to increase the number of brands available.

“We want WIC families to be able to access equivalent prescription formulas regardless of brand without having to return to their doctor,” he said.

Dewine, along with 18 other governors, asked President Joe Biden to remove some of the red tape involved in importing formulas from other countries. Once the shortage is over he also wants to see an after-action report on how the United States can avoid shortages like this in the future.

Client Services Manager Jody Olson at A Caring Place said the demand for formula along with diapers, wipes and clothing is high.

“The phones are ringing all day long. You know we’ve been trying to reach folks via social media and let them know what we have available,” Olson said.

Olson noted they’re seeing double the number of clients than what they would normally see.

“We only have so much formula, but we’ll share it until it’s all gone, so right now we’re limiting it to one can per person," said Shawna Dunn, A Caring Place's executive director.

Olson is hopeful the Michigan Abbott facility reopening will provide some relief.

“We have our fingers crossed our resources will last and we’ll be able to serve our clients and families until the items are back in stock,” Olson said.

DeWine added he is happy to see the plant reopen but noted it will take a few weeks to restock.

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