Boone County Republican Party calls for Commonwealth Attorney Linday Tally-Smith to resign

Posted at 7:18 PM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 20:58:04-04

BURLINGTON, Ky. - The Boone County Republican Party called for Commonwealth Attorney Linda Tally-Smith to resign Monday.

In a statement the party said was unanimously approved at a special meeting of its executive committee, they said Tally-Smith "has lost significant credibility in the legal community, and the people of Boone County have lost faith in her ability to carry out her duties appropriately and effectively.

"Therefore, the Boone County Republican Party calls for Linda Tally-Smith to resign effective immediately, which will allow the justice system in our county to repair and heal."

Tally-Smith prosecuted David Dooley for the death of Michelle Mockbee. But a judge vacated the conviction last week, writing that Dooley was entitled to know about surveillance video his lawyers said they never received.

During a hearing about Dooley's request for a retrial, it also came out that Tally-Smith had a sexual relationship with former Boone County detective Bruce McVay, who was one of the lead of investigators on the Dooley case.

That decision prompted Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore to call for Tally-Smith's resignation.

Some local GOP party leaders had also previously asked for her to resign, though the party had not taken an official stance on the issue. In response to those calls for her resignation, Tally-Smith released a statement apologizing but also saying that the mistakes she made affected her personal life, but not her work.

"I am truly sorry that my actions have cause heartache for my family and others. However, my personal choices have had no impact on public safety or the work of my office. Since these allegations were first raised back in September, 2016, I have been doing exactly what I have done every day since I was elected in 2000 – my job. I continue to be a devoted public servant to the people of Boone and Gallatin Counties," she said.

Read Tally-Smith's full statement here. WCPO also called Tally-Smith seeking comment after the GOP vote Monday.