Board of Elections: We're prepared for Tuesday

Posted at 6:09 PM, Mar 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-14 18:45:09-04

CINCINNATI -- After major lags at the polls in Hamilton County in November, the Board of Elections says they're prepared this time around.

"We have trained close to 2,700 poll workers, we hired additional troubleshooters," said Sherry Poland, director of the county Board of Elections. "In the event there would be any type of problems, they're ready to go."

Poland said the board has conducted several "dry runs" in preparation of Tuesday's primary election.

Trouble in November was attributed in part to new e-book polling. Long lines and issues with ballots resulted in the Hamilton County polls being ordered to stay open late.

Tyrone Hill, one of the 116 Board of Elections troubleshooters, said he and other troubleshooters will be "in the field" ready to answer questions and assist voters.

"The key is to keep people voting," Hill said. "If you have a problem, we'll do whatever we can to fix it."

Hill said the e-poll books "might scare him a little bit," but the equipment itself works well.

"The equipment last year was fine," he said. "But everyone is new at the e-poll books. I think we made the necessary corrections here and I think everything will run smoothly."

Troubleshooters will be assigned to county polls and will be available to assist voters, gather extra supplies, swap out e-books or equipment if needed, as well as making sure every location has enough pens and voting stickers, Poland said.

Poland said the board predicts a higher voter turnout than the last presidential primary election.

"We saw a 45 percent turnout in 2008. That's much higher than what we saw in 2012, only 20 percent," she said. "We're predicting between 40 and 45 percent turnout."