Kasich: Trump owes Obama an apology

Posted at 1:24 PM, Sep 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-18 13:24:00-04

John Kasich's take: Donald Trump should say he's sorry.

This time, Ohio's Republican governor was talking about Trump's history of questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship.

The Hill reported that, when asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" if Trump should apologize, Kasich replied: "You know, yeah."

Trump was, for many years, the most prominent proponent of the "birther" movement, which claimed Obama was born outside the U.S. and thus ineligible to be president -- despite the fact that he was born in Hawaii. He reversed course Friday, finally acknowledging the fact that Obama was born in the United States.

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Kasich has never been shy about criticizing Trump, his former opponent in the Republican presidential primaries. But the fact that questions still arise about Obama's birthplace, he said, signals a larger problem: that people are becoming more polarized.

"There was tremendous hatred being directed at George W. Bush, you know, that he needed to be impeached and all these insane things," Kasich said. "And that same anger has moved on to Barack Obama. And it's going to move on to whoever should win this election. We ought to be alarmed with the drift in this country away from what's best for our nation and not what's best for me as I, you know, vent my anger or frustration."

Kasich also told "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd that he wouldn't vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton -- and that his chances of voting for Trump were "miniscule."

Kasich skipped the Republican National Convention in his home state over the summer, largely due to the huge divide between him and Trump.

"If I wasn't prepared to go there and get up and endorse a nominee, I just thought it was inappropriate to go into that convention hall," he told CNN last month.