Hillary Clinton visits Columbus; Donald Trump coming Monday

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jul 31, 2016

CINCINNATI – Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wrapped up a rally in Columbus Sunday and Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the city Monday with about 100 days left before the presidential election.

Clinton made the stop in Columbus as part of a bus tour through the key swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Trump’s stop in Columbus visit will be his second in Ohio in less than a week. Both vice presidential candidates have also toured in Ohio.


In Cincinnati, local leaders said Ohio is the state to win and Hamilton County key.

“We’re going to see the presidential candidates, the vice presidential candidates and their important surrogates here in Hamilton County a lot because the Republican Party recognizes that Hamilton County is the battle ground county just as we do,” Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair Tim Burke said.

Both parties are working to get people out to the polls. Hamilton County Republican Party Chair Alex Triantafilou said the negative ads can make people stay home.

“The challenge in the local effort, especially in a swing state like Ohio and critical place like Hamilton County, is to make sure people get out,” Triantafilou said.