Delegates look for unifying message from Trump at final night of RNC

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-21 19:18:20-04

CLEVELAND – As Donald Trump prepares to take the stage during the final night of the Republican National Convention Thursday night, delegates and fellow politicians said he still has some final challenges.

The question being asked by many is: will Trump say what is necessary to bring the party together?

Convincing steadfast supporters of Gov. John Kasich to support the ticket will be one challenge for Trump. Ohio State President Keith Faber said he would like to see Trump change his tones and “learn when not to speak.”

“He’s not my candidate,” Faber said.

One area where Trump is behind is with support from women. Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor said there are some key points she is looking to hear.

“I think he needs to focus on the things that matter to me as a woman and a mom,” Taylor said. “Those things are the economy, jobs, are our kids going to get a good education and good opportunity to get a good job and realize their American Dream just like we have? And we need a president with strong leadership and who understands what it takes to create a job. As a mom, I’m interested in that.”

Delegates said Trump’s message at the convention must change the discussion from his inability to hold his tongue.


“I’m hoping he is just positive and really letting us know what he can do and what he will do,” Cincinnati City Councilmember Amy Murray said.

Ohio Delegate Mary Ann Christie said she hoped the “bullying remarks” would move aside for talk about the issues.

Many expressed a message of unity within the party, even with the controversies around Trump.

“No hestitation for me, I’m for Donald Trump,” Hamilton County GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou said.

Congressman Brad Wenstrup said he would support whoever wins the nomination.

“Do I agree with everything [Trump] says? No,” Wenstrup said. “He probably doesn’t agree with everything I say and feel. That’s how America works.”