WATCH: 'From Protests to Solutions - The Movement for Change' on WCPO

Posted at 8:23 AM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-30 18:28:05-04

The protests have quieted down here in the Tri-State, but the calls for racial equality and justice are still loud and clear. WCPO examines where the movement goes from here in "From Protests to Solutions - The Movement for Change," which aired on WCPO 9 Tuesday night.

Watch the full special in the player below:

'From Protests to Solutions - The Movement for Change' on WCPO 9

Here's what you'll see:

— Nationwide protests against police brutality following the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd pushed Ohio lawmakers to write a record number of police reform bills. Reporter Larry Seward spoke with several elected officials about those bills, including proposals targeting biased policing, arrest and ticket quotas, de-escalation training and use of force.

— The Minority Business Accelerator at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber launched nearly 17 years ago to help grow minority-owned companies in an effort to strengthen communities. Reporter Lucy May explains how the accelerator has expanded its work to attract new minority-owned companies to the region — and how that strategy is already paying off.

— In today's racial climate, many companies are trying to improve their workplace culture with diversity training. But earlier this month, President Donald Trump instructed federal agencies to end racial sensitivity exercises, calling them divisive. Reporter Kristen Swilley spoke to experts in the field about exactly what such training entails and why they believe it should stay.

— How can the movement for change progress when there are still symbols of racism and racial tension right here at home? We follow reporter Whitney Miller to some local monuments and buildings tied to slavery, as she asks what's being done about them.

— What is systemic racism? It's hard to define for some and lived daily by others. Reporter Lisa Smith assembled a Zoom panel of community leaders to discuss how racism is rooted in our society and what it will take to bring about healing. You will hear thoughts from Ellen Katz, CEO of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation; Dr. Kyra Shahid, director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Xavier University; Darryl Peal, chief diversity officer at Northern Kentucky University; Christopher Miller, senior director of education and community engagement at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center; and Patricia Pope, CEO & chief creative officer at Pope Consulting.

You can listen to Lisa Smith's panel conversation in full in this week's Hear Cincinnati podcast: