'Goetta' now in Merriam-Webster dictionary

goetta plate
Posted at 10:41 PM, Oct 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-28 22:41:23-04

CINCINNATI — Goetta load of this — Merriam-Webster added a Cincinnati staple to its dictionary this October.

The publisher announced 455 new words and definition, including several popular foods and appliances. Goetta (with a capital G) joins fluffernutter, air fryer and chicharron as new food terms. Merriam-Webster defines Goetta as meat (such as pork) mixed with oats, onions, and spices and fried in the form of a patty.

While a new word for others, Merriam-Webster reports the first known use of the word Goetta was in 1947. Glier's Goetta, host of Goettafest, calls the dish "the German breakfast sausage containing nutritious steel cut oats. The meat processor traces the breakfast food back to the late 19th century.

Merriam-Webster also added several words from the coronavirus pandemic and growing online culture. Deplatform, amirite, super-spreader and vaccine passport are just some of the many words added this year. Another popular term, dad bod, was added to the dictionary as well.

Editors for Merriam-Webster search for new words or definitions across several mediums, marking down any word of interest and creating citations. For a word to get into the dictionary, dictionary editors review citations to determine how widely and frequently the word is used. If the word has a clear meaning and establishment, editors may add it.

For anyone wondering, there are no food definitions of the word coney in Merriam-Webster's dictionary.