WHAT YOU SAID: Should taxpayers subsidize a stadium for FC Cincinnati?

Posted at 7:30 AM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 09:28:46-04

CINCINNATI -- The clock is ticking for a decision on where a new stadium might go. And Major League Soccer officials want to choose four new franchises to join the big leagues by the end of the year. 

With FC Cincinnati's regular season ending Saturday, the attention is turning again to the stadium question. 

We wanted to know what you thought about the public chipping in on the cost of a new stadium, so we asked: Should taxpayers subsidize a new stadium for FC Cincinnati?

Your answer? In a word: No.

Easily, 90 percent who responded on Facebook or by email replied with some version of "no." This was in no way a scientific survey, but the overwhelming sentiment could explain why public officials have been so reluctant to pledge the $100 million in public subsidies the club is asking for.

 But it wasn't all negative.

Sean C. from Mariemont emailed:

Heck yes we should pay for a new soccer stadium!  

If Cincinnati wants to grow to become the major city in Ohio and a regional giant that attracts businesses like Amazon ...  then we have to be willing to pay for it.  

We need to start thinking like a major city and stop trying to exist in a bubble.  It is the only way we will ever continue to grow OR bring in residents and businesses alike.

And Bryan John Wiegel posted that a new stadium, with public funding, would continue the good news story that FC Cincinnati has been:

But most everyone replied with some version of "No!"

Tim Barker essentially said, "Leave me alone!"

And many of you expressed some sort of "stadium fatigue" still lingering from the stadium taxes that built the riverfront parks for the Reds and Bengals.

Some appeared to think the question was so ludicrous that sarcasm was the only way to effectively reply:

Many thought a new stadium should be way down on the taxpayer priority list, after more basic needs:

Bill Moss emailed:


With all that needs to be done by our city (roads, bridges, schools, etc.) why would scarce funds be allocated to something as unnecessary as another stadium?  FC Cincinnati already enjoys unprecedented support in terms of attendance, merchandise and TV for a USL team, the request by the ownership for public funding of a new stadium is nothing short greed.  Just say no to corporate welfare.

And Dan Shapiro said he was a big supporter of FC Cincinnati, but cautioned that a new stadium might not bring with it the same type of experience fans now enjoy:

I wonder if fans should be careful what they wish for.   Today's relatively intimate, easily accessible, family-based fan experience could be replaced by much more expensive tickets (if they are ever available in a smaller sold-out venue).  Just sayin'....

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