WHAT YOU SAID: Here's what Cincinnati City Hall should focus on

Posted at 7:25 AM, Nov 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 07:25:44-05

Jobs, buses, arenas and stadiums.

That's what on the minds of those of you who responded to our What You Said question this week: What issues should the Cincinnati City Council and mayor focus on in 2018?

Three new Cincinnati City Council memberswill be sworn in when a new council prepares to take office in January.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley won a second term, as voters granted him the powers of a "strong mayor" for another four years.

City Council members will also serve four-year terms, giving them plenty of time to work on Cincinnati's issues and get things done.

So we asked: What should their priorities be?

Jobs, said Al Salas.

The city needs a better transportation system so people can get to their jobs, posted Tiffany Becker.

Rose Baker agreed on transportation, emailing that Cincinnati needs to upgrade its system, including the streetcar, if it wants to compete with larger cities.

Concentrate on extending the Cincinnati Bell Connector to uptown & let’s get light rail to the suburbs & other local cities to bring the Greater Cincinnati area closer together ... We purposely vacation in cities with good public transportation systems. Let’s make Cincinnati one of those cities.

Cincinnati City Council holds the purse strings and its decisions can effect even people who live outside the city limits. Mike Kyle Jr. cited two of those cases:

Joseph Collier-Schoonover had a bit of a laundry list, but it was focused on fairness:

Speaking of laundry lists, those who responded to the poll attached to our original story wanted City Hall to prioritize "all of the above" -- jobs, transportation and neighborhoods. The poll received 182 votes at deadline.  

But Steve Gruber had a more mundane, and maybe simpler, priority in mind. Let's make city neighborhoods look a little better, he suggested:

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