What is Jennifer Ketchmark going to name her baby?

Posted at 4:00 AM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 05:02:20-04

If you haven’t seen my earlier updates, my husband and I will welcome a son this September. It’s our second child and our first boy. The questions I’m asked aren’t just about how I’m feeling or when I’m due anymore,  it’s quickly turning to …

What’s are you going to name him?

Honestly, we are about 99 percent set on a name. We picked out a boy name when we were pregnant with our first child. But once we found out it was a girl, Stella Jane became our world and the baby boy name remained in the back of my mind.

Five years later, the second that balloon popped and blue confetti came out, that boy name immediately came to mind.

With my close friends and family, I’ve been using the name we are likely going to go with. Gosh, I better not change it at this point or that would be a confusing birth announcement in September!

Something in my gut just tells me that’s his name. Plus, after all the suggestions we’ve heard or lists we’ve scoured through, nothing else really stands out to us.

What can I tell you since I won’t give up the first name?

I can tell you that his middle name will either be that of his Grandpa Michael or Grandpa Gregory. Since the first name isn’t something that’s been used before in the family, we definitely want his middle name to have a bit more of a connection.

Plus, if he decides he doesn’t like the name we gave him once he is an adult, Michael or Gregory are good, strong names.

So here is my challenge to you … what boy name would you suggest that would sound good with Michael or Gregory as a middle name?

Post it on this post on my Facebook page. If you suggest the name we’ve actually picked, I’ll send you a private message confirming you are thinking the same way we are! I know, it’s one in a million, but you never know!