Checking in with Jennifer Ketchmark while she's away on maternity leave

Posted at 4:00 AM, Oct 10, 2016

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of dirty diapers, spit up, odd hours and new baby smell. But most importantly it's been three loved filled weeks since we brought home our son, Conner Micheal.

Let me take you through the day he arrived and what I've been up to since.

It's still hard to believe that I made it at work until the day I went into labor. I finished work on Friday, Sept. 16 around 9 a.m. and headed off to the doctor to get checked one last time. My doctor could tell that things were progressing and said, "I think you'll be having this baby before the end of the day."

Boy was he right!

I went home, packed up the car with the help of my husband and got ready to go. My mom got to town just in time to take care of Stella.

It was around dinnertime that my contractions got closer together and a lot more painful, so we headed to the hospital right away. I'll spare you the details, but I'll just say everything went smoothly and Conner was born at 11:14 p.m. 

Jennifer, Mitch and Conner

For all the parents out there, you know that moment. The moment you see your child for the first time. My eyes welled up with tears as they placed Conner on my chest. I simply whispered, "Happy Birthday Conner Michael, we love you so much." 

Gosh, it still brings me to tears. He was our 7 pound, 9 ounce, bleach blonde baby boy.

Little Conner. Photo credit: Dream Moore Photography

Now, 3 weeks later, we've settled into a nice routine and I'm enjoying my time at home with the baby. He eats great, sleeps well and only gets up a few times a night to feed. We cannot complain.

I hate to say it, but he's a lot easier than Stella ever was as a newborn!

Many of you have asked how Stella is doing.

It definitely took her a moment to warm up to the baby. She would acknowledge he was there but didn't really want to hug him or hold him. You could tell she was struggling with not being the center of attention because she acted out quite a bit. But slowly we are making progress and she's now eager to see little brother and asks to hold and kiss him.

As for me, I'm doing great. I think I'm getting more sleep than when I work the morning shift! I feel good and, most importantly, I'm enjoying all these moments with my kids and my family.