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Women soccer players say no to FIFA's artificial turf move

Posted at 3:35 PM, Aug 20, 2014

​With the Women's World Cup in Canada less than 10 months away, some of the world's top women soccer players are threatening a lawsuit against FIFA over a literal turf war.

FOX SPORTS: "Over 40 players from around the world have secured legal counsel and are claiming gender discrimination because the tournament is being played on artificial turf and not real grass."

In a three-page letter to the Canadian Soccer Association and the Federation Internationale de Football Association, otherwise known as FIFA, lawyers representing players from several different countries outlined their concerns.

They say artificial turf makes awesome headers and slides like these impossible, and it can also result in more injuries.

​The letter reads, in part, "The proposal is discriminatory and violates Canadian law. If your organizations will not engage in a meaningful dialogue on how to correct the discriminatory treatment of women players, we are prepared to pursue legal action which we are confident should succeed."

As of Wednesday, FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association had acknowledged receiving the letter, which was dated July 28. But neither organization has yet responded. And anger is continuing to mount over the issue.

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