Viral video shows Ohio girl swept off her feet by strong winds

Posted at 5:00 PM, Mar 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 07:58:34-05

A lot of people are still feeling the effects from an incredibly windy Wednesday day in the Midwest, which left thousands without power in several states. 

But on Thursday, video is going viral of the wind giving a local mom a bit of a scare as her little girl went flying.

Four-year-old Madison Gardner and her mom, Brittany, had just arrived home in Lyndhurst, Ohio Wednesday afternoon. 

"I'm unloading the car and Madison went to go inside like everyday and grabbed the door," Brittany told News 5. 

Little Madison was barely able to reach the handle but she grabbed it. And, in one big blast of wind, she was airborne! 

"So I run to her, see her pinned against the siding and the glass door," Brittany said. "And I had to unlatch her from the handle and took her inside. She was scared, kind of embarrassed we were laughing at her. Then showed her the video and she was laughing at it too."

As she gets older, Madison might not remember the details of the day she flew but the proof is in the pictures. 

"I'll be showing it to her, for sure," Brittany said.