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QUIZ: Could you pass a gun background check?

Posted at 11:20 AM, Aug 21, 2014

The national News21 Initiative brings together a select group of student journalists to produce a major national investigation into a topic of wide interest. This year, News21 has documented the struggle over gun rights and regulations in America. Under the direction of some of the nation's best professional investigative journalists, 29 students from 16 universities have traveled the country to produce text, videos and interactive graphics to tell the story "Gun Wars: The Struggle Over Rights and Regulation in America." Over the next two weeks we will be featuring much of their reporting. You may view the entire project at the News21 website.

Could you pass a background check and purchase a firearm?

You might be surprised. A News21 report recently found that breakdowns in our country's background check system leave us ill-equipped to keep guns from the mentally ill.

Click here to take a quiz to see if you could pass a background check and purchase a firearm.