Ohio Task Force One is helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Posted at 1:45 AM, Aug 29, 2017

KATY, Texas -- Local heroes became national heroes Monday as they helped victims of devastating flooding propelled by gale-force winds in Texas.

Ohio Task Force One helped move 90 assisted living facility residents from the path of the Hurricane Harvey-related flooding that has washed over many Texas communities.

"You could tell some of them are very upset, so that makes us upset," FEMA Ohio Task Force medical manager Nicholas Kman said of the residents. "All we can do is the best thing for the patient: Try to comfort them, let them know it's going to be okay."

Moving sick and elderly people safely is a slow, difficult task, especially amid the rain that continues to batter Houston and its suburbs. Task Force One entrusted its charges to a truck stop that other emergency services had turned into an all-purpose refuge. From there, said task force rescue team manager Steve Shupert, the residents were transported to separate facilities that would be able to care for their various health needs.

From there, the task force was headed to Houston -- an area so wracked with flooding that members were unsure they would even be able to safely enter the city proper. Still, with a fleet of cars, trucks and even boats, they're partnering with other rescue teams from across the nation to try.