Italian airport relaxes liquid carry-on restrictions for large jars of pesto

Posted at 7:38 AM, Jun 23, 2017

No way you can carry water through the security checkpoint, but taking large amounts of pesto through one Italian airport is now A-OK.

Passengers can now carry nearly 17 ounces of pesto in their carry-on bags on flights departing Genoa, the traditional home of the pine nut and basil-based sauce. The typical liquid limit at airports is 3 ounces.

About 500 jars of pesto were being confiscated from upset tourists each month at Genoa's Christopher Columbus airport, The Telegraph reports, leading officials to make the change.

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The only provisos are that it must be genuine “pesto Genovese” rather than “mass-produced stuff bought from a supermarket” and that travelers buy a 50-cent stamp to carry the sauce on board.

Proceeds from the stamps will get passed on to the Flying Angels Foundation, which The Telegraph reports arranges free flights for kids from developing countries who need medical attention.

More than 500 passengers have already taken advantage of the initiative since it started on the first of the month, according to The Telegraph.