Dad's tongue-in-cheek letter to daughter's school draws attention to everyday sexism

Posted: 8:56 AM, Dec 12, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-12 14:07:25Z

WONGARBON, Australia -- A father's blistering tongue-in-cheek letter to his sixth-grade daughter's school asking them to explain why they were living in 1968 must be read.

Stephen Callaghan was dismayed to find out his 12-year-old daughter Ruby would head to the school library to get her hair and makeup done while the boys in her class took a field trip to a local hardware store to learn about construction, Upworthy reports .

"When Ruby left for school yesterday, it was 2017," Callaghan wrote in his letter. "But when she returned home in the afternoon, she was from 1968."

He went on to sarcastically speculate the school was hiding time traveling technology before concluding with his hope the school's girls would be "returned to this millennium where school activities are not sharply divided along gender lines."

Callaghan told Upworthy he didn't believe the school's field trip plans were malicious but an example of "everyday sexism." He also said the school has not responded to his letter.

Read the full letter in his tweet below.