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Cougar caught on video in Wisconsin

Posted at 9:41 PM, Feb 13, 2018

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reported a cougar has been spotted in Washington County, Wisconsin. 

In a Facebook post, the DNR said landowners sent in video of the cat on their land in Washington County on Feb. 7.

In the post, the DNR says they do not believe there is evidence of a breeding population in Wisconsin, adding the nearest established cougar population is in South Dakota. They believe this cougar is from that population. 

DNR officials believe it is the same cougar spotted in Fond du Lac County in January, and think it is now out of the area. 

If you capture a cougar or another rare mammal on a trail camera or security footage, you are asked to fill out the Large Mammal Observation Form so the DNR biologists can work to identify the animal.