Midwest recovering while bracing for more storms

Posted at 5:10 PM, Mar 01, 2017

Parts of the U.S. are bracing for more severe weather. At least five states are under tornado watches. It comes after storms ripped across the Midwest Tuesday night into Wednesday morning killing at least three people.

The true aftermath of the deadly storms is still being determined, but for at least one survivor, the destruction is clear.

"Everything you work for gone in 30 seconds," one survivor says. "I built everything with my own sweat and tears, blood. Everything. I just finished my shop."

That survivor goes on to describe the scene saying, "Unbelievable. Just total devastation. I can't, you see people go through this and you pray for them and hope you never have to go through it.  Well, here it is."

People recorded video of the storms and posted it to social media as they swept through the Midwest.

"It was on the ground for like five minutes. We were just in like total disbelief," says Daniel Parker who saw a funnel cloud firsthand.

Parker says he wasn't expecting to see it near his hometown in Illinois.

"Seeing them on TV is one thing," Parker says. "But when you actually see one in person and see how massive they are and how much damage they can do and you can hear the wind and see the structure of the storm like the only way I can explain it is if you see it yourself."

He wasn't the only one with a close up view of likely tornadoes. The National Weather Service said it received more than 20 reports of tornadoes or possible tornadoes. At one point, power was out for people in 13 states.

As many in the Midwest begin to clean up the damage, they do so hoping these storms will be a thing of the past.