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Relative of kidnapping, torture suspects says victim was willing

Posted at 10:04 PM, Dec 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-11 22:25:14-05

LEBANON, Ohio — There were more twists to a bizarre Warren County crime Wednesday when three suspects accused of kidnapping and torturing a man faced a judge for arraignment.

A relative of two suspects, Patience Miller, told WCPO the victim was willing.

Prosecutors believe Lindsey Parker lured an ex-boyfriend to Christopher Edwards' home where she, Edwards and Parker’s dad, Bryan Parker, kept the 22-year-old in a dog cage and terrorized and assaulted him for three to four days.

The victim said he escaped by driving off in an empty ambulance next door.

We had questions for Miller, who is Lindsey Parker's sister, after she pointed her finger at the victim. She asked us to hide her face for protection.

WCPO: “What do you mean - willingly beaten, tortured, kidnapped?”

SISTER: "He willingly went to the house. He was not forced into the home. He willingly went into the home. He willingly let Lindsey beat him."

Parker's sister said her dad, Bryan Parker, is a victim, too.

“I believe my dad. He's never lied to me, not one time. He's my dad. He's all I have,” she said through tears.

Another strange moment came when Edwards spoke up and denied he committed a crime or even knew the victim. Last time Edwards was in front of a judge he directed some hand gestures at the judge and the media.

"I'm broke. I ain't going to be able to make no bail,” Edwards said. “I'm broke. So, that's not an issue there. As far as [alleged victim] goes, I don't know who the hell that guy is. Like, I don't even know the guy."

A judge set their bonds at $500,000 apiece.

The three were arrested in October and November but waived their preliminary hearing rights in lower court. They sat in jail until the grand jury indicted them for felony charges.

The victim's family said they want to maintain their privacy.