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This 9-year-old's disease requires him to have a massive amount of blood donated, but he doesn't want you to donate for him

'I just want to give back'
Cohen Bramlee
Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-09 19:54:19-05

CINCINNATI — He’s 9 years old. He loves Legos. He’s the baby of his family, but he understands health issues better than most adults.

That’s because he’s fought a rare illness — so rare it doesn’t have a name — his whole young life.

Cohen Bramlee spent 256 days in the hospital last year.

“It’s not so bad,” Cohen said. “I’m lucky I have wonderful nurses to help me out, and I do have an amazing mama.”

That mama explained one of the realities of her son’s condition.

“His immune system consumes blood products rapidly, especially when he’s in a state of infection. We have to give him products to keep his body functioning,” said Carrie Bramlee.

That means Cohen relies on blood donors a lot. He and his family are grateful for the gift.

“This is his life, and they are giving life to him,” Bramlee said. “Our goal and our hope is to be able to replenish the blood supply he’s had to use.”

“So many people have helped me out in my life, I just want to give back to them," Cohen added.

They decided to give back by having a virtual blood drive with the help of Mercy Health and Hoxworth Blood Center throughout March Madness.

Virtual because it’s no set location or day: All you have to do is walk in, or make an appointment at any Hoxworth donor center, and mention "Team Super Cohen" when you sign up.

“We have a half month left. I know Cohen wants 50 people to donate,” said Hoxworth’s Alecia Lipton.

It’s all so he can have a hand in restocking those shelves that have helped keep him alive — shelves that are barer now than they’ve been in two years.

The supply, according to Hoxworth, is at crisis levels.

“My biggest hope is for people to donate or give back to those who need it most,” said Cohen.

“He has a joy of life,” Bramlee said. “It’s amazing with what he goes through, he still thinks of others.”

If you’d like to make a blood donation in Cohen’s name just mention Team Super Cohen when you walk in or make the appointment. You can reach Hoxworth at 513-451-0910.

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