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Russian invasion halts adoption process for group of Indiana women

Conflict pauses all adoptions from Ukraine to the U.S.
Russian invasion pauses U.S. adoptions in Ukraine
Posted at 11:59 PM, Feb 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-27 23:59:43-05

INDIANA — The Russian invasion has paused adoptions from Ukraine to the U.S.

The move has had a major impact on some Tri-State families, including a group of women from Indiana. Kristi Covey, Barbara Hughes and Sheryl Soendlin were far along in the adoption process through a hosting program when the fighting started.

“My biggest concern is for the children,” Covey said. “Some of them are in orphanages. Some of them are being moved out of the orphanage because of the dangerous location.”

The children they’ve been trying to adopt are essentially stuck in a war zone.

“Their safety really is just a huge concern right now. It changes moment to moment,” Hughes said. “We just don't know. Even if they happen to be blessed with being in a location right now where they are relatively safe, that could change at any moment.”

The women have already made a connection with the children. They were together just a few weeks ago.

“The children may not have known, but we knew it was going to be difficult to put them back on the plane,” Covey said. “Now it's Russia invading. We don't know what that adoption or hosting process looks like.”

It’s a process that’s already been difficult because of the pandemic. According to the women, the U.S. Embassy is operating with an emergency staff. That means there isn’t a department to help with the adoption process. The women said they want to bring the children back through emergency hosting and have reached out to lawmakers in hopes of finding a solution.

“The children are loved and I think it’s important for them to know in this moment,” Soendlin said. “We are here to love and pray for them.”