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Pet Pals: Meet Tasha & Rowan

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Posted at 4:09 PM, Apr 02, 2022

HAMILTON, Ohio — In this week's edition of Pet Pals, we head up to Animal Adoption Foundation in Hamilton where we meet some dog siblings who are bonded better than most humans.

Tasha and Rowan are six-year-old lab siblings looking for their forever home.

"Tasha’s a female. Rowan is a male and they are just the sweetest dogs. Their family couldn’t take care of them unfortunately anymore, but they did come from a family with children, so they do well with kids," said Sam Kornau, program director of Animal Adoption Foundation.

Kornau said both dogs have great energy and would do well with a family who likes to take their dog out for a walk. The siblings would also do well with a family who loves to exercise, because labs love to play.

"They are just really friendly. They live up to the lab reputation," Kornau said.

Kronau said the pair does need to be supervised with other dogs, but they have been able to have dog friends in the past.

"They came from a family with other dogs as well, so they have been known to do well with dogs, they do well with kids, and they would do well with a family that loves a dog that has a good amount of energy," Kronau said.

If you are interested in these siblings that come as a packaged deal, you can visit You can also call 1-513--737-PETS.