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Pet Pals: Meet AJ

Action Jackson
Posted at 3:49 PM, Nov 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-13 15:54:28-05

HAMILTON — On this week's edition of Pet Pals, we meet AJ at the Animal Adoption Foundation in Hamilton.

AJ is just an acronym: Mark Murphy, with the Animal Adoption Foundation, said AJ stands for Action Jackson.

AJ is an Irish Wolfhound mix. Murphy said they do not know what he is mixed with, but knows with certainty there is some Irish Wolfhound in him.

He is one and a half years old and has been at the foundation since May.

"He is a very sweet boy but he is a bit dog reactive. So, he really probably needs to be the only dog in the home," Murphy said.

AJ loves people and Murphy said as far as they know, he is fine with cats.

Murphy said while AJ is great with kids, parents need to kind of watch out because of his size and his energy levels. He might accidentally knock over a toddler.

Another area the perspective adopter needs to know is how smart AJ is — he might even be too smart for his own good.

"He knows how to climb chain-link fences and get out and that may be how he originally got out and became a stray to begin with," Murphy said.

AJ can also unlatch his kennel door, Murphy said the staff at the foundation had to install a loop-shaped metal lock to keep him from escaping.

Despite those quirks, Murphy said AJ is a sweet boy.

"He's smart, he's protective and he's sweet," Murphy said.

So, if you want AJ to be a part of your forever home, you can visit and submit an online application.

If you want to learn more about AJ, call the foundation at 1-513-737-PETS.