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People from across the Tri-State show support for Ukraine

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Posted at 9:06 AM, Feb 26, 2022

People from across the Tri-State have come together to show support for Ukraine in many different ways.

On Saturday, the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati joined what it called an emergency campaign to send aid to Jewish communities in the middle of the conflict in Ukraine.

The $20 million campaign is a global effort that will go toward helping the more than 200,000 Jewish people living in Ukraine.

"It's everything from helping to ensure welfare services for folks who are displaced, providing emergency opportunities for people to leave and have security," said Jackie Congedo, director of the organization's community relations council. "Locating temporary housing for folks who are leaving and in transit, stockpiling food and water."

On Friday, in Loveland, dozens came out to show their support with a "No War" Rally.

The group at Home of the Brave Park began as a few friends, who were born in Ukraine but moved to Cincinnati, to help give each other emotional support.

"Nobody's organizing anything so okay, lets do something. So we decided to organize this protest, stand with Ukraine and we are very happy to see people here," said Allah Deroum, who was born in Ukraine but has lived in Cincinnati for three years.

One of the organizers said the rally was originally scheduled to happen during the weekend, but the group moved it up because there were fears there might not be a Ukraine left to stand in support of after intense fighting between Russia and Ukraine.

One of Cincinnati's nine sister cities around the world, Kharkiv, has been under attack since Russia invaded Ukraine this week.

It is the closest Ukrainian city to the Russian border, and on both Thursday and Friday, loud explosions could be heard on the outskirts of town with reports of some of the fiercest fighting across the country. Kharkiv is home to several industrial factories, including facilities that build tanks and aircraft, and there is an airbase just outside of the city. It is also home to a university.