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Ohio primary: Election results for local school and safety levies

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Posted at 10:53 PM, May 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 23:12:37-04

CINCINNATI — Several school districts and fire departments throughout the Tri-State had levies on the Ohio primary ballots on Tuesday and voters have decided which will obtain funding and which will not.

School levies

Winton Woods City School District

Winton Woods placed a five-year emergency levy on the ballot, asking for $3 million annually. The district said the levy would go toward operating expenses, including instructional services and maintaining educational and extracurricular opportunities for every student.

The levy failed, with 72% voting against its implementation. The district said a levy failure would necessitate the need to cut 45 teachers and 45 staff members, the district said.

Reading Community City School District

The levy would generate around $2 million annually for the district to maintain current operations. The district said if the levy failed, reductions to staffing, programs and operations would be necessary.

The levy passed, but just barely, with fewer than 40 votes making the difference. Just 51% of voters approved the levy.

The district said, had the levy failed, they would have had to eliminate roughly 23.5 positions, all of Elementary specials like art, music, PE, wellness and Stem, class sizes would increase and athletic pay-to-play fees would increase.

School Levies

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Safety levies

Loveland Fire-EMS Levy

The levy implements an additional tax for "the purpose of providing and maintaining fire apparatus, mechanical resuscitators, underwater rescue and recovery equipment, or other fire equipment and appliances, buildings, and sites therefor, or sources of water supply and materials therefor, for the establishment and maintenance of lines of fire-alarm communications" and for the paychecks of all fire companies, EMS staff, administrative and communications personnel.

It passed, with 61% voting in favor of the tax.

Amberly Public Safety Levy

The levy is a renewal and will provide the Village of Amberly with tax funds "for the purpose of police protection and medical services." It passed in a landslide, with 84% voting in favor of renewing the levy.

Elmwood Place Safety Services

The levy would add an additional tax to support the Village of Elmwood safety services.

The levy passed with 60% voting to support the tax, which will last for five years.

Golf Manor Fire-EMS Levy

Golf Manor's levy requested an additional tax for the purpose of contracting for firefighting and emergency medical services "for a continuing period of time," though the time frame was not specified on ballots.

The levy passed, with 66% voting in favor of the tax.

Fairfield Fire Levy

This levy would replace two levies already in existence. Without the 9.25-mill continuing levy, Fairfield Fire Chief Don Bennet said, “We’ll remain status quo and we will not be able to meet the demands of the city.”

Safety Levies

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