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Middletown considers giving non-union employees ‘premium pay’ for work during pandemic

Middletown City Building
Posted at 6:39 AM, May 05, 2022

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — It appears every non-union city of Middletown employee will receive a one-time lump payment of premium pay using some of the city’s American Rescue Plan Act funds.

City Council heard a first reading of the ordinance Tuesday night and is expected to vote on it at its next meeting on May 17.

The cost of the payment is expected to be about $386,928, according to city documents.

The city has received ARPA funding from the Federal government that allows for so-called “premium pay” (up to $13/hour for employees deemed essential, for whatever number of hours the city might designate) to “essential employees” working through the pandemic.

In February 2022, council authorized the payment of “premium pay” for all active trade union employees with the intent to also extend similar premium payments to the city’s remaining essential employees

The city said it recognizes employees have endured “heightened stresses and demands” during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; and the city wants to recognize the “valuable contributions” of it full- and part-time non-union employees.

Each employee must have been employed by the city on April 16, 2022 to be eligible for this premium pay, according to city documents.


$3,000: For the seven non-union health department employees.

$2,496: For other 143 non-union full-time employees.

$1,000: For the nine non-union part-time employees.

SOURCE: City of Middletown

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