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Inflation is the latest challenge for Cincinnati home builders

Delivery delays also causing longer build times
Newn Home Construction
Posted at 5:11 PM, Jan 13, 2022

CINCINNATI — Inflation is the latest hurdle new home builders are crossing in Cincinnati with rising costs and elongated delivery times.

“We're seeing an increase in appliance cost as well as extended lead times,” said Ben Fry.

Fry showed us around one of his Evanton builds back in June 2021. That’s when he said labor, land and lumber were at record highs.

He told us then it was related to labor shortages and supply chain backup predictions.

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Now, he said customers are dealing with inflation on appliances and other components of a new home.

“We're getting smarter, right?” said Fry. “When the customer signs a contract, we're (immediately) ordering windows, garage doors, appliances, you know, bathroom fixtures.”

He told us pre-pandemic, it would take a week or two to get appliances, fixtures and windows delivered. Now, he said it takes appliances four weeks. He said windows can take 18 weeks. Garage doors can take up to six months.

“It’s going to take a year to build a home, but you order it immediately. Whereas (in the past), you would wait until the foundation is poured to think about stuff like that,” said Fry.

As you try to dodge inflation, new home build customers like David Miyamasu said when you're securing your loan and insurance, it can take more than year to build.

“It’s good to ask what the penalties are or if there’s extension periods given the situation we’re in with supply chain delays,” said Miyamasu.