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Mother thanks paramedics who drove her, newborn baby to the hospital three years ago

Posted at 12:38 AM, Nov 20, 2018

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Often, paramedic Alex Villanueva said Monday, he meets the nicest people in the world on the most stressful days of their lives. 

Krystal Daniels was one of them.

In November 2015, Daniels was in labor and terrified. She could already tell her baby would arrive long before she and her husband could make it to Christ Hospital, so their only option was to stay home and call for help to come to them.

Kaden Daniels arrived within 22 minutes of his mother's labor starting. Villanueva and a team of paramedics reached the house shortly afterward to soothe her fears and take the family to the hospital.

Three years later, on Monday night, Daniels returned to the Springfield Township Fire Department with Kaden to thank Villanueva's team for their help that night.

"We really appreciate them so much," she said. "We were afraid, very afraid. We thank you all for coming in and saving the day, making us feel comfortable."

Villanueva, who usually doesn't hear back from the patients his team transports to the hospital, said seeing the family again was "awesome."

"I'm just really, really thankful that he's doing really well," he said of Kaden. "It's rewarding to see that everything turned out fine."