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Springdale PD releases bodycam footage of Sky Zone arrest

Posted at 9:55 AM, Feb 28, 2021

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story described officers tackling Oliver to the ground during Friday's arrest. It was brought to our attention that Wells' statement on Facebook said Oliver dived to the ground before officers restrained him. WCPO regrets the error.

SPRINGDALE, Ohio -- Springdale Police released body camera footage and a lengthy statement in response to a Facebook post alleging excessive force during a Friday arrest.

Police said they received a call from a woman who said she felt threatened by a man named Delrico Oliver at Sky Zone in Springdale Friday evening. Springdale Chief of Police Thomas Wells said in a statement on Facebook that an officer arrived on scene and explained to Oliver that he was being detained until another officer could arrive. Wells said Oliver gave a fake name and social security number to the officer while the officer was questioning Oliver outside the restrooms inside Sky Zone.

A Facebook post with cell phone video from a bystander alleges Oliver was pushed into a restroom by police. Wells disputed this claim in his Facebook post that contained body camera footage showing Oliver entering the restroom on his own against the instruction of the officer. Oliver is heard in the video saying he needed to use the restroom and that he had a urinary infection.

"As Chief of Police, I felt the need to respond to the misleading accounts I have seen today," Wells said on Facebook.

The body camera footage goes on to show Oliver shutting a stall door and the officer attempting to push his way into the stall. The officer then takes a few steps back and repeats his request for backup over his radio.

The body camera footage shows Oliver leaving the stall with his hands up, holding only a cell phone saying "Please, I haven't done anything wrong."

At this point the assisting officer arrives in the restroom and tells Oliver to get on the ground. After Oliver asks "Get on the ground for what?" Wells said Oliver dived to the ground. The body camera footage then appears to show one officer kneeling on Oliver's back while the other attempts to pull his arms behind his back saying "Give me your arms ... you're gonna get tased."

The officer then uses a taser on Oliver as more officers arrive. Officers then tell Oliver to "stop struggling" as Oliver says, "I can't breathe." After about three minutes of struggle between Oliver and the officers, the officers detain Oliver and cuff his hands behind his back.

Wells said officers requested a life squad for Oliver who was then transported to a local hospital to be treated. His medical condition is unknown. Wells said Springdale Police charged Oliver with domestic violence and resisting arrest and was transported to the Hamilton County Justice Center.

According to Wells, Oliver was wanted for felony probation violation and a felony escape warrant.

An investigation by the Springdale Police Department into the arrest and use of force is ongoing.

View the body camera footage below: