PD: Sharonville Arby's employee arrested after workplace temper tantrum

Faces 3 charges in court Thursday
Posted at 8:36 AM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 00:20:03-04

SHARONVILLE, Ohio -- An 18-year-old Arby's employee was released on bond Thursday after police say she threw a tantrum at work and harassed another employee Wednesday.

Makayla R. Tackett, of Sharonville, faces charges of telecommunications harassment, criminal damaging and disorderly conduct after police say she got angry with her boss, Sierra McQuery, and started calling her and other employees names.

Police reports state that Tackett slung french fries around the Arby's restaurant after grabbing a fryer filled with fries and boiling grease. Before fleeing the restaurant, Tackett also grabbed the telephone and broke it by smashing it to the floor.

Police contacted Tackett by phone to advise her she had been fired and was facing charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damaging. She was advised not to return to the premises or to contact any Arby's employees.

Within minutes, police say Arby's employee MeKayla Campbell received a text message from Tackett reading, "I got you." Campbell reported to police that she was afraid of Tackett after the message.

Tackett contested this version of events Thursday night. She admitted to breaking the store phone and becoming angry with her colleagues, but said she never threatened anyone.

"People think I'm this bad human being when I'm not," she said. "And I'm nervous because I've never been in this type of situation."

She also said that her manager's claims — that Tackett said she would slap the other employees in the face and wreck the manager's car — are false, and that she did not send a threatening text to the employee with whom she had originally argued.

"I plead guilty to what I did, but I didn't harm anyone else," she said.

Tackett was booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center around 4 p.m. Wednesday. She was released Thursday on an OR (own recognizance) bond and must stay away from the Arby's location where the offenses took place.