WATCH: 'Moving' message aims to curb heroin use

Posted at 1:09 AM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 01:09:55-04

NORWOOD, Ohio -- The city is Norwood is home to 4 percent of Hamilton County's population. But according to Police Lt. Ron Murphy, it accounted for 11 percent of the county's heroin-related deaths last year.

The small city's outsize problem with the heroin epidemic is why the Norwood Police Department has turned to a message that's literally moving: Digital billboards along freeways through the city will display -- in big, bold lights -- the number for a heroin tip line.

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"We just want the message out there that we're here to help," Murphy said. "Yeah, we might have to arrest people, but ultimately our job is to help people. We want to get them off of drugs."

The seven-week rotation of billboards cost $1,700, paid for with the department's drug funding seized from dealers.

Watch the video above to hear what a recovering heroin addict says about the billboards.