Five-year-old donates money from lemonade stand to Hurricane Harvey survivors

Posted at 5:51 PM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-04 21:54:08-04

LOVELAND, Ohio -- As help on a large scale flows into Texas, even the smallest among us are trying to help too.

Five-year-old Indigo Huber is proof that even the smallest donations can make a difference.

Indigo took time out from playing Monday to pour lemonade for her thirsty friends at Home of the Brave Park in the hopes of raising money to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims.

The little girl said she wanted to help after seeing the flooding on the news.

"The Texas people had to move, and they were so disappointed that their homes were destroyed,” she said.

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Indigo recently read a book about lemonade stands and wanted to run one herself. She and her mother decided they would donate the money to hurricane survivors.

Indigo said the flooding in Houston made her feel “so sad that I just wanted to help those people."

Carrie Huber said she’s trying to nurture an altruistic spirit in her daughter.

"We regularly talk about how we can help others or like donating things to charity or even making someone's day in a small way whenever we have an opportunity to, so this is just another instance where she wanted a lemonade stand and decided to help out the people in Texas,” she said.