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Boy Scout honored for rescuing friend trapped under tree

Posted at 12:18 AM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-09 00:18:24-05

HARRISON, Ohio -- Boy Scout Brandon Klotter fell asleep in his tent June 13 to the sound of rain. Hours later, the groan and splinter of wood woke him up in a panic -- a tree had just fallen on his fellow scout Max Kramer.

"I'm not going to lie," Klotter said Wednesday. "I was pretty scared."

He ran a quarter-mile barefoot in the dark and rain to find help for Kramer, who was pinned under the tree. Emergency crews helped extricate him without major injuries.

"I felt there was a lot of little things that happened that kind of came together in the end and made it a miracle," Kramer said.

That miracle earned Klotter the Boy Scouts of America's National Medal of Merit, which Kramer pinned to his chest at Crossway Community Church Wednesday night. 

"I'm really excited," Kramer said. "I just feel like he really does deserve it."

But Klotter demurred the compliment.

"I feel like in this case, anyone could have done what I did if they were put into it," he said.