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Hamilton County in need of poll workers before Election Day

Posted at 8:56 PM, Oct 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-18 10:55:13-04

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ohio — As the November election inches closer, Hamilton County officials are searching for more poll workers to help manage voting sites.

Sherry Poland, director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections, said fewer people have signed up to be poll workers this year, pointing to the absence of national races.

"I think with it being a presidential election [in 2020] there was a lot of interest, but these local elections are extremely important, too," Poland said.

Hamilton County residents will vote for mayor, city council, board of education and judge candidates in addition to other ballot issues. Poll workers check in voters, answer questions and issue ballots. The jobs are paid, with poll workers earning a minimum of $181.50.

Ray Buelterman has been a poll worker for more than a decade, and said the work is never strenuous.

"It's easy," Buelterman said. "Even though you're there from, oh gosh, 5:30 in the morning till about 8:30 at night, it's a long time, but you feel like you put in a good day's work."

Election officials will teach poll workers everything they need to know ahead of time to make sure they are prepared Nov. 2.

"It's a tremendous way to serve your community," Buelterman said. "It's an easy way to be involved in the democratic process. If you have concerns about elections, come be part of the process. Be part of it."

Anyone can apply to become a poll worker on Hamilton County's website. To look at a sample ballot, click here.