Fairfield police rescue...a pig

Posted at 7:01 PM, Nov 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-30 19:01:53-05

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- It's a twist on the cliché "cat stuck in a tree" call -- Fairfield Township police responded to calls for a pig stuck in a dumpster.

According to Police Chief Matt Fruchey, two teenagers got the pig but couldn't take care of it anymore.

"They had been carrying (the pig) and got tired and since it runs any time you put it on the ground," Fruchey said. "They probably thought it was a fairly wise decision to give themselves a rest and put the pig into a dumpster to at least contain it."

The teens waited with the pig in the dumpster until police arrived.

After police managed to get the pig out and brought it back to the police station, officer Cory Crouch posted a photo of the pig on Facebook.

Volunteers from Joseph's Legacy Animal Rescue saw the post and came to help. They're taking care of the pig now.

"I know it's very popular and a lot of people get them as pets, but I think they expect pigs to be a lot smaller than what they are," said Krista Snyder from Joseph's Legacy Animal Rescue. "They think they are going to stay small and they don't stay small."

Watch the video above for more.