Residents find new fences blocking their driveways

Posted at 7:02 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-15 21:16:19-05

ELMWOOD PLACE, Ohio –  Some homeowners on Prosser Avenue and Chestnut Street are up in arms after finding fences and poles blocking access to their carports.

Roy Spears said he has parked behind his house for 36 years. Fesha Blue has done it for 13 years. A driveway used to run behind their properties.

But no more.

They got notice two days ago - after the fences went up. Buie read the letter from Queen City Transportation, the school bus company that leases the property from Norfolk Southern.

"We plan to install commercial fencing around the perimeter of Norfolk Southern property as is required by our lease," the letter said. "As of this date, residential parking on this property will no longer take place. We apologize for the short notice provided."

"For 36 years I've used it," said Spears. "I've used the driveway to the back of my house for 36 years and now there's  a fence."

We spoke to the owner of Queen City Transportation, Aaron Haid, and he acknowledged that no prior notice was given to Buie about the fence going up in front of her carport. Norfolk Southern said it was looking into the matter.

The residents are now looking into possible legal remedies.