Stolen credit card led Delhi detectives to serial thief, police say

Posted at 4:58 PM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 18:21:36-04

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Police arrested a man they said was responsible for numerous thefts of items from parked cars over the past month.

Someone rummaged through several cars on Parktrail Lane, Parktrace Court and Delryan Drive Sunday, police said. The person made off with loose change and some other valuables, including a credit card.

The card's owner realized it was missing and tracked it down to a local gas station where it was used. Officers watched surveillance video from the gas station and recognized the man using the card as 27-year-old William Wesley, police said.

While being questioned by detectives, Wesley admitted to numerous other thefts throughout Delhi Township over the past month, according to police. Lt. Joe Macaluso said the stolen items included wallets, purses and stereos that had been left in plain view.

"He said he did so many within the past month that he doesn't remember," Macaluso said.

Wesley was charged with multiple counts of receiving stolen property and theft.

The investigation is still open. Police are looking to see if anyone was working with Wesley.

Macaluso recommended residents leave valuables inside their homes or in the trunk, not in plain view.

"Valuables in plain view are just an invitation for someone to go out there and break into your car," he said.