Crash victim's mother seeks leniency for driver

Posted at 10:45 PM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-19 08:14:25-05

CINCINNATI – Tamika Thomas's mother says her family forgives the 19-year-old driver who hit her car and caused her miscarriage, and they want the courts to forgive him, too.

Police say Leonard Kersey fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the center line and hit Thomas, who was 3 months' pregnant, in Delhi Township last month. Kersey is facing manslaughter charges, and Thomas's mother says that is too strict.

"We don't want this for him. He deserves to be with his family," Denise Thomas told WCPO.

Denise Thomas said the crash on Delhi Road was a tragic accident.

"He was just tired and I wish somebody would find it in their heart to just let this be because we don't want any problems for his family or for him or for anybody," she said.

Kersey's attorney told a judge at his court appearance Friday that Kersey has never been in trouble with the law.  

"He has no record, adult or juvenile. This is his first contact with the court," the attorney said.

Kersey was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash, police said.

Besides losing her unborn baby, Tamika Thomas had more than a dozen broken bones, but she is recovering well, her mother said.

"This was a tragedy for our family, but God has brought her all the way back," she said.

Now she prays for Kersey like she prays for her daughter.

"We pray for him like we pray for her and we'll keep praying for him whether they let him out or keep in there. I'll keep praying that this comes to pass for Mr. Kersey like one day it'll come to pass for our family," Denise Thomas said.

Denise said her family has no ill will toward Kersey and she said she will come to his next court appearance to support him.

"This needs to be made right. This isn't right," she said.

Kersey's bond was set at $10,000.