Can Delhi residents, police keep strippers out?

Vandals strike Delhi Pike party hall
Posted at 7:55 PM, Jul 12, 2017

DELHI TWP., OHIO – Plans to hold a strip show at a party hall on Delhi Pike on Saturday got the police chief and residents up in arms this week and may have led to vandalism at the hall.

Underground Lounge owners said they canceled the event Tuesday night and they’re upset that someone dumped trash across their front deck and damaged their surveillance camera and air conditioning unit.

But the event, organized by The Candyland Company,  was still being advertised on Facebook as of 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Delhi police Chief Jim Howarth said he would do everything he can to keep adult entertainment out of Delhi. The Underground at 4800 Delhi is across the street from a popular ice cream store that caters to families and two blocks away from St. Dominic School.

But can he?

“Sexually-oriented businesses aren't permitted on Delhi Pike in the business corridor so naturally that's a concern if somebody is trying to set up shop,” Howarth said.

Angry residents vowed to take up the issue at a trustee meeting Wednesday night, and Delhi Township Administrator Jack Cameron promised to address it.

From a legal standpoint, there's a question here. Event halls are not sexually-oriented businesses, but if they allow a sexually-oriented business to rent their space for a one-night event, does that violate zoning laws?

Howarth said he got a flood of emails and phone calls.

“Naturally It hit social media. It went wild, as do a lot of things with social media,” Howarth said. “A lot of - not just myself - township employees received concern from citizens.”

Meanwhile police found fingerprints for whomever vandalized the hall and say they will hold them accountable.

“This is not the way to handle the situation. It's quite disappointing if this was a retaliation,” Howarth said.