Homeless brothers blessed by 'guardian angel'

Posted at 1:06 AM, Dec 04, 2015

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio -- The Hutchinson brothers spend their nights along Colerain Avenue.

Maybe you've seen them. Maybe you've ignored them.

Maybe you've done worse.

Zach Hutchinson stands along the road with a sign that simply reads "Homeless and hungry."

"You would not believe most people that hate so much that I just hold this sign to try to make a buck," he said. "I got people that drive by and cuss me out, calling me all sorts of names. I've even had people try to throw crap at me."

He and his brother Ken understand the stigma. They live it every day.

And they're not perfect -- they don't lie about that. Ken Hutchinson has a felony on his record: For the last year or so, they've not known where they'll spend each night.

"There were some nights I'd say I was afraid we were going to die of hypothermia because we were so dang cold," Zach Hutchinson said.

It's that time of year again. But this time, the brothers have a guardian angel: A chance meeting brought Christy Hill into their lives. And she won't leave.

"I've had a lot of long talks with God," Christy Hill said.

"They have become my children," she said. "I worry about them every day. I worry about these two boys, because I can't imagine walking long periods of time just to stay warm."

Her friends think she's crazy; maybe you do, too. Hill doesn't care. She packs them some food, washes their clothes, lets them shower in her home. 

"She don't even know who we are," Zach Hutchinson said. "We're complete strangers to her, and she brought us into her home, helps us out, calls us every day."

But there are some things she can't help them with: The brothers said they need jobs, so they'll meet with Cincinnati Works for counseling and help in the next few days.