Westwood man catches attempted burglary on video

Posted at 10:02 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 00:19:26-04

CINCINNATI -- Westwood resident Ray Hurst's home security system captured two men vandalizing his home Friday afternoon before a neighbor chased them away.

The pair are still on the run, and other homeowners on Dunaway Avenue said this incident was not the first time thieves targeted their neighborhood in broad daylight.

"There's no doubt that break-ins do happen, and Dunaway especially has seen a spate of attempted break-ins in recent months," said Mary Jenkins, president of the Westwood Civic Association.


The video recorded by Hurst’s home security system shows two men approaching his home, taking a brick from his patio and throwing it through a dining room window. Thanks to the neighbor’s intervention, they did not make it inside, but Hurst is still shaken by the incident.

"The thing that is really disturbing to me is, it’s the middle of the day," said Hurst. "This happens in the middle of the day, and am I mad about it? Yes. And do I want to stay here and fight? Yes."

Hurst said that other homeowners on his street have reported similar break-ins over the last six months and that some of them have moved to escape being the victims of crimes.

Ted Klems, who lives nearby, said his home was burglarized before he even moved in.

"It was vacant for two or three months and all the copper piping was stolen out of it," he said.

Hurst said the neighbor who chased the men away from his home filed a police report, and police officers told him they are investigating the incident.