Deonte Baber gets 18 years to life in prison for murder of Jamie Urton

Posted at 7:02 AM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 17:42:40-04

CINCINNATI — A judge sentenced the man convicted of shooting and killing Jamie Urton to 18 years to life in prison.

Deonte Baber, 27, murdered Urton on March 24, 2017 after Urton accidentally hit a 4-year-old boy while driving on a Walnut Hills street.

Urton stopped the car, and the child’s father, Jamal Killings, allegedly beat Urton before Baber shot him.

Judge Patrick Foley sentenced Baber at 11 a.m. Wednesday. Both Urton and Baber’s families were in the courtroom; both families declined to address the judge.

"To have someone taken away from you like that? I can't even begin to address how hard that is for them," Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Nelson said.

Defense attorney Arica Underwood moved to delay Baber’s sentencing, but Foley denied the motion.

Nelson made his stance clear: “There's only one possible sentence - he's earned it. Give it to him."

Foley said the situation was a “horrible crime,” noting that Urton stayed on scene after the crash and was killed for it.

Foley read requirements for Baber to register as a violent offender. Ohio law dictates people who commit violent crimes have to register their address with their local sheriff's office after they are released from prison. Baber would have to register for 10 years. His attorneys are challenging the registry.

"He's no street guy like they portrayed him to be and had it made him to be, like an animal," Baber's cousin, Torrance Shannon said after the hearing. "He's not like that at all. So I know he didn't do that. He was set up."

A jury deliberated for 13 hours before finding Baber guilty Tuesdayon two counts of murder, including one with gun specifications.

Hamilton County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Mike Peck said “the jury did their job."

"They are really smart," he said. "They are really bright. They are really educated, and they are really thoughtful, and they really approached this seriously," he said.

Underwood declined to comment on the verdict, but said they will appeal.

"We're hoping for the appeal to come through," Shannon said. "Just keep your head up, man. We love him. My heart goes out to the other family, but they got the wrong man."

Killings also faces charges in connection to Urton's death. After Baber's guilty verdict Tuesday, prosecutors said they're working on what will happen in Killings' case now. A hearing is scheduled for Friday.

Baber will appear in court next week to determine whether he has to register as a violent offender.