Police chief says he expects arrests to be made in Cameo shooting

Posted at 6:58 PM, Mar 28, 2017

CINCINNATI -- A group of city officials, religious leaders and community members gathered Tuesday for a vigil outside Cameo nightclub, where one person was killed and 16 others were wounded in a shooting early Sunday.

"Our city is a city that comes together," Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac told the crowd. He and City Manager Harry Black attended together to represent the City of Cincinnati. 

Tuesday's vigil was the second one outside the club since the shooting. More than 100 people, including the slain O'Bryan Spikes'  family members and pastor, came out for another vigil Monday.

Cincinnati Works organized Tuesday's vigil. Mitch Morris, with Cincinnati Works, said this isn't just an opportunity to honor the victims, but also to discuss the tragic impact gun violence has on Cincinnati.

"Our whole thing is to bring the community together as one power in order to try to divert some of this senseless gun violence," Morris said. "We really believe if we get the community to come together, and come together as far as to try and stop some of these shootings and killings, I think that we can really make a difference."

Chief Isaac said that multiple people had come forward to provide information about the case through the Cincinnati Citizens Respect Our Witnesses program.

"I'm very confident that we will bring it to a resolution, that there will be some arrests made," he said.