VIDEO: Deters details Sonny Kim's final moments

Posted at 2:40 PM, Dec 02, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: is not posting Officer Tom Sandmann's dash cam video in its entirety. We do not feel that showing video of Officer Sonny Kim's final moments in full detail helps our readers better understand what happened that day.

CINCINNATI -- Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters walked reporters through a clip of dashcam video Wednesday from the scene where Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim was fatally shot June 19.

Officer Tom Sandmann arrived on the scene after TrePierre Hummons fatally shot Kim, Deters said. As Sandmann approached in his patrol car, the video shows Hummons walking forward and firing while his mother is kneeling over Kim, comforting him.

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One of the bullets passed through Sandmann’s open door, Deters said.

The video also shows the first shot hitting Hummons as Sandmann returned fire. Hummons was killed in the gun fight.

Here's a timeline of what can be seen in the video:

9:32:36 Sandmann turns onto Whetsel Avenue.

9:32:51 Kim’s patrol car with the driver door open comes into view as Sandmann continues forward.

9:32:56 A plainclothes probation officer takes cover behind his unmarked car. Kim is on the ground. Hummons’ mother is kneeling over Kim. Hummons is walking forward around Kim’s car.

9:32:58 Sandmann’s car stops. Kim and Hummons’ mother are in the center of the screen. Hummons is walking forward past his mother and Kim.

9:33:01 Hummons raises his gun, fires, still walking forward. His mother appears to be calling to both him and Sandmann.

9:33:03 Hummons lowers his gun, still walking forward.

9:33:04 Hummons raises both his hands over his head, still walking forward.

9:33:04 Still walking forward, Hummons flinches as Sandmann fires, possibly striking him.

9:33:05 Hummons raises his gun again as he moves off the left side of the screen.

9:33:16 The probation officer emerges from behind his car. Hummons’ mother turns away from the direction her son walked, back down to Kim.

9:33:33 Hummons’ mother gets up and moves off the right side of the screen, between Kim’s patrol car and Sandmann’s patrol car. The probation officer is walking forward.

9:33:43 Hummons’ mother backs into the screen. She appears distraught and is speaking to someone off camera. The probation officer walks forward off the left side of the screen.

9:34:34 A Hamilton County deputy arrives at the scene.

9:34:54 The deputy checks Kim’s pulse.

9:35:19 The deputy and Hummons’ mother attend to Kim.

9:35:33 Two more officers arrive.

9:35:36 Hummons’ mother walks back off screen crying, speaking to someone off screen.

9:35:47 One of the officers begins performing CPR on Kim while the other opens Kim’s trunk and retrieves medical gear.

9:36:26 EMTs take over CPR. More officers and EMTs continue to arrive.

9:40:34 EMTs place Kim on a stretcher and take him off screen.

9:42:40 The ambulance carrying Kim leaves the scene.

9:47:41 Another ambulance leaves the scene, presumably carrying Hummons, but rain on Sandmann’s windshield made it difficult to see.

Deters also released the following timeline from the video:

June 19, 2015

9:32 a.m. (1:36) Second CPD officer arrives on scene. TrePierre in white shirt with gun in right hand and holding his hands up in the air and appearing to duck

9:33 a.m. (1:53) TrePierre off screen

9:34 a.m. (3:19) Sheriff Deputy arrives on scene

9:35 a.m. (4:11) Two CPD units arrive

9:36 a.m. (4:57) CPR administered to Officer Kim by CPD officer

9:36 a.m. (4:59) EMTs arrive

9:40 a.m. (9:30) Officer Kim placed on stretcher and placed in ambulance

9:45 a.m. (11:00) Second stretcher leaves the scene

Deters’ office released two videos Wednesday. One was a shortened video cut to what he said were the most relevant parts and with heavy pixilation added over Kim as he lay in the street. The second video was the full, raw video. is not posting Officer Sandmann's dash cam video in its entirety. We do not feel that showing Officer Kim's final moments in full detail helps our readers better understand what happened that day.

Deters chose to not play the raw video during the press conference because WCPO and other news outlets were streaming live. He said he expected local TV stations would not want to air the video.

Deters said he thought “it would be a shame” if any news outlets did choose to air the full, unedited video without censoring Kim.

“This is not a threat, but I’m not going to forget who airs it, if they air it,” Deters said.

Deters said his office released the videos because their investigation into the shootings was complete.

While news outlets, including WCPO, had requested the video earlier, Deters said he believed police dashcam and bodycam videos should not be public records until the related investigations were complete because they were internal police records, unlike records like 911 calls which are between civilians and available to the public right away.

“My concern is a blogger or somebody like that who puts it on YouTube,” he said, echoing earlier comments he made to WCPO that “some moron… will get it and it will be over the Internet.”

In an incident when he does choose to press charges, Deters said he did not want any witnesses to see video before they testified. He said he hoped legislators or courts would come down with rules formalizing that prosecutors can keep the videos as an investigative tool.